Technology - Experiential Visualization

Horizon Italian Facades also teaches, demonstrates and implements the most exciting advances in technology using the Microsoft Hololens.

Using transparent lenses, spatial sound and an understanding of your environment, Holograms look and sound like they’re actually part of the world around you. With Microsoft Hololens, Holograms are viewed through the holographic frame centered in the middle of your view. This preserves your peripheral vision so you can move freely to connect and collaborate with people around. Holograms and mixed reality do not block out what you can see and hear. This enables you to engage with digital content and tools alongside the objects in your real-world. Holograms can be world locked in a physical location so you can walk around them or they can travel with you and you can even hear them in 3D spatial sound.

We have used and developed with the Microsoft Hololens for the past 3 1/2 years and are pioneers in Augmented Reality. It is the the world’s first fully untethered, self-contained holographic computer. With the mix reality experience of Hololens, you can stay in the real-world and interact with real people as you simultaneously have a true experierancial visualization.

This Example Project was designed by Johnston LLC in Houston as a Tech Center at Lamar State College – Port Arthur.

Actual rotating, table-top Hologram

Hologram positioned on future site

Completed building on site

Houston-based developer Hines announced an anticipated tower on the former Houston Chronicle site downtown.

Hologram of 47-Story Block 58 Houston, Scalable to 1:1 Ratio, Full Scale

Architectural Building Rendering

Full Building Rendering