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Who We Are

In 1995, Horizon opened the first showroom to the trade in Dallas, Texas, working with premier factories and quarries with our goal to provide the designer and architect with these unique imported materials.

Our Services

We provide education, technical advice, marketing materials, installer certification, and a host of other services in our quest to provide you a best in class user experience. including an in-house CSI.

Our Partners

Horizon Italian Facades represents the finest Italian and Spanish facade manufacturers, along with the finest surface materials, i.e., slab porcelain, metal, glass and a host of other available materials.

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How we Work With You on the Design Project -


facade is the exterior wall or face of a building, and it usually involves design elements like deliberate placement of windows or doors. Depending on architectural style, these elements have a certain order to them. While the word ”facade” can signify any external wall of a building with a design element, it often refers to the front wall with an entrance. Often, the front facade has more elaborate or special architectural treatment than the rest of the structure. A facade can be imposing, decorative, or rather simple.

Which Surface to Use

Material and color are one possible starting point for facade design, but the result depends equally on the products and surfaces used. Our products and services offer quality, predictability and reliability to endless combinations of porcelain colors, material, surface shape and even light. There are exciting possibilities for Horizon Italian Tile facade cladding products and available materials.

Holographic Technology

The purpose of Augmented Reality (AR) is to enhance the user’s view of the real world with context specific information in such a way they appear to naturally belong to that world. In urban environments AR, buildings play a twofold role : they are the main object of interest for many AR applications and are semantically meaningful to city-scale landmarks.

Acquiring Facades

With the rising level of complexity involved in modern day façades, the design, GC procurement, engineering and execution process demands a specialist team who would understand the specific requirement help in executing world class façades. This is where Horizon Italian Tile façade consultants come to assist you.