About Our Company

Who We Are

In 1995, Horizon opened the first showroom to the trade in Dallas, Texas, working with premier factories and quarries with our goal to provide the designer and architect with these unique imported materials.

Our Services

We provide education, technical advice, marketing materials, installer certification, and a host of other services in our quest to provide you a best in class user experience. including an in-house CSI.

Our Partners

Horizon Italian Facades represents the finest Italian and Spanish facade manufacturers, along with the finest surface materials, i.e., slab porcelain, metal, glass and a host of other available materials.

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Have a Small or Large Project?

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Here is How we Work With You on That Project -

Facade Consultation

As soon as you are awarded the project (or sooner) we will consult with you regarding the recommended type of Facade for the project, which Facade structure to use, the proper size and proportions, the best materials for the application, the material and installation budget pricing and how to demonstrate to your client that you have completed your research and recommended the best Facade for the project!

Architectural & Engineering Solutions

Horizon Tile Facades works with you the Architect to create engineered solutions for the selected Facade.  We have the manufacturers available to design and create the Facade that you and your client have chosen.

Surface Material Recommendations

Since HIT has the leading Italian and Spanish manufacturing facilities that produce many different varieties and sizes, it is important to match the needs of client and the project to the correct manufacturer. Our trained staff will guide you and narrow down the choices to solve and answer any questions that will arise.

Holographic Technology

Horizon Tile Facades uses the most sophisticated technology available for you and your client to truly experience your recommended Facade.  We work with a team of Microsoft Hololens developers that will work with you, create an API into your AR system whether developed in Revit, Sketchup or CAD and have you be able to explain your design to your client via a Holographic experience.

GC Procurement

Our team can help in providing contractor certification from the factories, on-site technical assistance, material layout and usage, to material lists. We can provide shop drawings and details to streamline the installation process.